Trump Murder Index

Avoidable Deaths Caused By Trump's
Malignant Incompetence

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Trump Murder Index

Thursday Apr 08, 2021

Trump Murder Index

vs. average of top 5 countries


avoidable deaths

Depraved Indifference Murder

NY Penal Law § 125.25

Current COVID-19 U.S. Death Toll: 559,116

The Trump Murder Index is one of the ways to quantify how Trump's mishandling of the pandemic has destroyed American lives and the economy.

How is it calculated?
Current US Death Toll  minus  Proportional US Deaths

Country Population
Deaths Propor tional
US Deaths
flag New Zealand 4.8 26 1,785
flag Singapore 5.9 30 1,697 557,419
flag Korea (South) 51 1,758 11,350 547,766
flag Japan 126.5 9,286 24,302 534,814
flag Australia 25.5 909 11,799 547,317
Top 5
214 12,009 18,582 540,534
Selected countries have the pandemic mostly under control.
globe Global
7,464 2,325,966 103,151 455,965
Global average does not include US totals.
Data from Johns Hopkins CSSE. Last updated on Thursday Apr 08, 2021 06:04 AM Eastern Time.

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